How a flexible job can save a Monday morning

Today was that hard time of the week, when you’re still in weekend mode and the alarm suddenly goes off at 6 AM. What, already? But you have a good job, one you enjoy, or at least I have, so you crawl out of bed to start the new week with enthusiasm (after a coffee or two).

Most Monday mornings are ordinary, it might take a little longer to get going, but the day then runs smoothly. This Monday morning was different for me. It was chaos and I barely survived the stress of it. So here’s my story, see if you can beat it!

I got up and got ready for work. One of my worklife hacks at is that I work from home Mondays and Thursdays, and I’ll explain why in another post, but just to say I got ready to work at home. Plan A was to start work at 7 AM, after having had breakfast and run a few errands. One of these errands was to go and feed my horse, Rocky. I drove to his field….and found the fence destroyed and Rocky gone. Great!

I searched the area but could not find him, so I got into my car and drove down the road. I was worried he had gotten a good way down the valley, but I drove all the way to the town at the bottom, and I didn’t see him. I was relieved he hadn’t gone that far, but panicky that I couldn’t find him… so I drove back up to the top of the valley. Still no luck… what a fantastic start to the week!

In the end I found him munching around in a field close to his. Yeey! I caught him and was on my way back to his field to fix the fence when the morning got even worse…we met more horses. Two very excited horses, also on the run, were prancing up and down the path on the other side of the river, calling out to Rocky, who got just as excited and gave me a hard time holding onto him! No wonder he had escaped his field…. I figured the horses would eventually find the bridge and cross over to Rocky, so he would just escape again, and maybe bring down more fence – so no point fixing it!

So Plan B: we ran away from the horses, up our side of the river. They followed and called out, but I got behind some houses and, out of sight, I then walked my own horse to my house. He’s still in my garden now, enjoying the lawn grass whilst I finally get to work.

My Monday Morning was quite bad and stressful. But I saved the day thanks to my flexible work experiments – at we can choose our work hours, and fit work around life. So I didn’t get to start at 7 AM, and had to miss my lunchtime ride, but I still fit my 8 hours of work into my hectic day and didn’t miss any important meetings or calls. No angry boss for being late, no lost work hours.

And the best part? No matter how stressed I was when I couldn’t find my horse, I was ok because I knew I had time to look for him and I could then fix up my work day according to my needs!

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