Five easy ways to boost employee advocacy

Working for a small company with 25 employees, I’m the only person that deals with digital marketing and social media. I really enjoy the work, but sometimes I could do with a little help in getting my carefully prepared content out to the world.

My colleagues are busy with long hours of writing code, meeting clients or solving issues, and they don’t spend much time on social media sharing company posts, let alone contributing to content. Since I started working at, I have tried to increase employee advocacy in various ways, failed various times, and finally come up with this list of ways that work:

1.Make it quick and easy to share

At first, I prepared slides with careful instructions about what to share and post. Very few people followed those instructions or took any action. So, after some tries, I found how to make it easy for my colleagues to share my content:

if it requires one click, if it is straightforward, and if it takes less than five seconds, it will get a good deal of shares, likes or comments from colleagues

We use Slack to communicate in, as the team is partly remote, so I just post the link to what I want shared to Slack, notifying everyone, and I add a short and clear instruction, such as “share”, or “like”. The result? I get up to 20 shares and loads of organic views!

2. Make it easy to create

Busy developers don’t have time to create content for social media, right? Wrong. A wonderful way to get content, which is quick and easy for everyone, is through WhatsApp. We have a mondora chat on WhatsApp, and people naturally post photos to it. These are pictures of something funny happening in the office, of journeys to meet clients, of home offices, of commutes, anything! And this content is there, ready to be used in social media. Some days colleagues are asked to post a photo of “where they are” or “what they are doing”, other days photos just flow in naturally. All I have to do is grab them from WhatsApp and post them to Instagram. A simple #mondoracom will wake a Zap that will forward these photos to Facebook and Twitter. Content created!


3. Let people know what’s been posted

This may sound rather obvious, but I often post content on Facebook and Twitter and none of my colleagues get to see it. No wonder they don’t share it! As I only notify people on Slack when I want to promote certain posts (otherwise I’d become annoying and get ignored), for all the other content I publish it’s as simple as saying something like “hey, I’ve just posted that video I was working on”, to instantly get some likes and shares. Don’t take your post visibility for granted!

3. Share results 

Don’t just ask to comment, like or share, but report back and prove how useful each action has been. I will either comment directly on Slack, or send out an email with more detailed metrics if a post has received particular attention thanks to colleagues’ efforts.

4. Don’t forget to say thank you!

Recognising a colleague’s contribution, even just by saying thank you, goes a long way in creating long lasting employee advocacy.

Photo: Jen Collins
Photo: Jen Collins

2 Replies to “Five easy ways to boost employee advocacy”

    1. Hi April! Glad you found my post useful 🙂 I’m still experimenting on new ways to engage my colleagues more, feel free to share what works for your company, I love to hear from others!


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