What it’s really like to work for a B Corporation – an insider’s report

Being the marketing person of mondora.com, I constantly share the news that we are a B Corporation, that our ultimate B Corp mission is to use business as a force for good. Still, in everyday life, at mondora.com we make software. How on earth does all the lovely B Corp philosophy fit into our average day at work?

Many people, viewing us from the outside, simply believe that our B Corp certification is nothing more than a fancy badge. My job is to raise awareness of the movement and show to the world what mondora.com is actually doing, in what ways we are using our business as a force for good. Everyone can talk about doing good things, not everyone actually does them.

I personally think there have been quite a few changes in our daily office lives since becoming a B Corporation. Knowing that we are part of a movement that does its very best to help others and help our planet is very rewarding. As individuals, we are often overwhelmed by bad news, problems, global issues, and we do not have the means to make much difference to the world by ourselves. Companies have the power and the means to make a difference to the world, and by working for a company that has helping and improving the planet as its mission gives us a sense of purpose and greatly increases our motivation. We are no longer making software simply for our profit and our clients’ profit. We are making software so that we can help to change and improve the world. Our work ultimately translates in activities that benefit the community and the environment. In our little office in our little town, we are actually part of something very big.

The very way in which we make software fits perfectly with our B Corporation values and mission. We steer our clients towards Open Source software, public reports and, ultimately, B Corp Certification. We don’t only promote the fact that we are using mondora.com as a force for good, we are actively encouraging all of our clients to do the same and join the movement. Change doesn’t have to be massive to be effective, the little changes often go a long way and grow exponentially by themselves. Inside the office, as well as added motivation due to a higher purpose for our work, we experience many small changes that make our individual lives easier. Since becoming a B Corp mondora.com has created a detailed employee handbook which sets out not the rules, but the freedoms of working in the company. In mondora.com we firmly believe that to work well, an individual must feel valued and respected. Flexible work hours,  unlimited holidays, freedom to make business decisions, freedom to interview and hire new employees for a team, freedom to communicate directly with clients without the need of pre-approval, and others, form the base from which we work and develop ourselves and our software.

As a company, we are working hard to help the local rural community in which we live. We are investing in locally produced cheese, we are building a crowdfunding platform to help local sustainable farms, we donate our time to helping colleagues with their out-of-office agricultural activities, such as sustainable wine production. It may be hard for someone alien to the B Corporation movement to understand why we are engaging in activities so far removed from software production, and we are often considered a bit crazy, but working in mondora.com is very special. It is rewarding. It makes us part of something amazing, huge, it lets us be the change.

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