Italian B Corps making some noise!

In March 2015 became the seventh Certified B Corporation in Italy. The movement, which is already large in many countries, is slowly growing in Italy too.

Yesterday the newspaper Nova Sole24Ore published an article entitled “B Corporations, sustainability enters business” which celebrated the first 10 B Corporations in Italy, as well as talking about the B Corporation law that is being debated in the Senate, and the collaboration between the Borough of Milan and the Economic Development Corporation in New York. 


This article, published on a nationally read newspaper, is of great importance to the B Corp movement in Italy, which is finally getting some national attention. Among the cited B Corps are olive oil producer Fratelli Carli, space-tech D-Orbit and the only IT B Corp in Europe, (that’s us!!). Here’s a translation of the passage about us:

“Whenever we go to a customer we ask him to explain how his solution is ethical and has a positive impact – says Francesco Mondora, CEO of, an Information Technology B Corp – if the customer can explain this, he gets 30% discount. If he can’t, we suggest open source solutions for the same discount. The advantage is that , with our investment, we give some free and accessible software packages to the open source community”.

Cheers to the Italian B Corp community which is finally being heard of!

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