People Hate Their Jobs

Why working in :m is better!

I recently read this article entitled People Hate Their Jobs and would like to share my thoughts with you, as it made me wonder at just how bad work life can be for people, and how lucky we are to work in

I’ve selected some extracts from the article, and added my own comments. Please add your comments and opinions too!

A Typical Day

Before the work week even begins, your weekend ends with the usual Sunday Blues, manifesting themselves as stomach pains because you know Monday is right around the corner.
On the following Monday morning, you have the worst wake-up of your life, and your first thought is “Yuck, another week is starting”.
Each morning, you endure 2 hours of traffic to make your way into an incredibly miserable environment: decor that makes your eyes bleed, uncomfortable chairs, ugly cubicles, and wall-to-wall grey carpeting.
You toil away for an unpleasant boss. The type of boss that’s proud of being a boss, who wants everyone to know he’s the boss, and who will do everything in his power to make sure you know that you’re not the boss.
At noon, you unwrap the same damned sandwich you’ve eaten for years, and sometimes you’re lucky enough to have last night’s leftovers as the high point of your day.
Every day consists of the same monotonous tasks, and you’re surrounded by colleagues that are just as jaded as you are.
You work with tools from the 90s, because your company never has the budget to update them.
Even worse, there is never enough budget to bring your ideas to fruition. Most of the time, they’re ignored anyway.
You have no idea where your career is headed.
You’re constantly asking yourself if you’ll have the means to pay your mortgage in the distant future, or maybe even have a little money left over to travel.
You can’t remember the last time you learned something new.
You never get any feedback, and you’re not even sure if you’re good at what you do.
After all these years, you still don’t understand your organization’s mission.
Your work brings absolutely no value to your life and, every day that passes, you ask yourself what you’re still doing there – but you don’t have the courage to take action. You keep telling yourself that your situation is normal and, unfortunately, you’re probably right.

A Typical :m day

You spent your weekend relaxing, going out with friends, doing some sports and working in your vegetable garden. By Sunday evening you’re feeling really energised and ready to take on another challenging and exciting week. You’re actually quite looking forward to getting back to work!

On the following Monday morning, you wake up when you want, as usual, and your first thought is “Great! I’m ready to start this new week!”.

‌Flexible hours means that you can decide what time to start your day on Monday morning, be it 8 am or 10 am!

Each morning, you choose whether you want to drive to work or cycle there, or perhaps you wish to work from home. The office is a great environment: colorful walls and desks, free seating, a kitchen for everyone and a climbing wall too.

You face your daily challenges with the help of your colleagues and boss. The type of boss who you can talk to face to face, who is on the same level as you and who does everything in his power to help you in your work.

At noon, you get together with your teammates and prepare some lunch, made with fresh organic ingredients and shared during a relaxing break together.

Every day brings new challenges and new learning opportunities, and you’re surrounded by colleagues that are just as motivated as you are.

You work with the latest tools and technologies, because your company is innovative and likes to try out brand new stuff.

Even better, you can have crazy ideas that are actually accepted and considered good. Your idea will most probably turn into an interesting side project!

You know well that you work for a company with a flat structure, and that you are responsible for advancing your career by always trying and learning new things.

You earn a decent salary and have a permanent position – time to consider buying that lovely home!

You can’t remember a day in which you didn’t learn something new.

You get constant feedback from the rest of your team, and always know what you’re good at and what you can improve on.

You love your organization’s mission and are proud to be part of it.

Your work is a valuable part of your life and you are perfectly happy with where you are. You keep telling yourself that your situation is not normal, that you’re the lucky one and, unfortunately, you’re probably right!

The Statistics

It comes as no surprise that 88% of people admit to having no passion whatsoever about their work. That’s a hell of a lot of people that come in to work on a Monday morning already thinking of the upcoming weekend.
Each year, more than 500 billion dollars are thrown away due to unengaged employees.
That’s an insane amount of money.

At 100% of people are passionate about their work and enjoy their whole week, not just the weekend.

The “Why”

All too often, large enterprises have missions that serve only to make shareholders richer. I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t inspire or motivate me one bit.
The problem with short-sighted visions is that they often exclude the human factor, and organizations tend to forget that behind the scenes of their success hide human beings.
Businesses that are willing to pull their heads out of the sand and recognize the importance of investing long-term into the happiness of their employees, are businesses that will change the world and, in turn, become even richer.

Finally, an extremely outdated mentality is commonplace throughout the job industry: Work is serious business, and working hours are not the time to have fun., like other B Corporations, aims to create benefit to all company stakeholders, not just shareholders. Everyone in the company counts the same, and the community that surrounds us also counts and should benefit from our business too.

The Impact

Less productivity, which directly impacts an organization’s financial performance.
Less innovation, which cripples a company’s future and puts their very survival at risk.
Insanely high turnover rates. Employees simply pass through organizations, never sticking around long enough to contribute anything of value.
Unhappy clients. How can you make clients happy if you yourself aren’t even happy?
Elevated absenteeism. Employees do everything in their power to find ways to avoid going into work.
Impacts on family life. People build up stress throughout their days, then involuntarily unleash it on their loved ones.
We’ve reached the point where a paycheck every two weeks has become the only motivation.
People are unhappy and dream of nothing more than escaping the chaos of their jobs. All in all, organizations are simply failing to unite people around major projects, and society as a whole is suffering. Very sad.

The Solution

This situation is in desperate need of change. The solutions are out there. There are organizations that push creativity to higher levels in order to motivate their employees. Here are just a few crazy examples!
Unlimited vacation policy. This is something we put into place at GSOFT. The idea behind this? You’re telling me I should trust my team to work on huge projects for major clients around the world, but I shouldn’t trust them enough to let them decide how much vacation time is enough to recharge their batteries?
The best part is that people don’t even take more vacation time. However, they feel in control of their lives and their well-being, and that’s what is most important.
Trips paid by your employer. Why? In order to force people to take vacations while enabling them to discover new countries, experience new cultures, and learn new languages. You come back to work invigorated, refreshed, and with a head full of new ideas.
A daycare at the office so you can see your kids more often, and you don’t need to run to a private daycare every evening. Your life just becomes that much simpler.
A gym or rock climbing wall right in your office, to keep you in shape. At GSOFT, we decided to build a skateboard ramp! Why not? 🙂
Breakfasts, fruit baskets, and lunches provided every day. Some organizations even have their own head chef.
A keg of beer that can be accessed at all times. A fresh, cold beer is always nice, isn’t it?
Do you actually think the programmer at Google wakes up motivated every morning because there’s a slide waiting for him at the office? Not at all! He’s motivated because his work gives him a sense of contributing to something much bigger than himself, and he feels like he’s changing the world.
The fundamental basics of workplace happiness are having a vision, a mission, and inspiring values. People want to hang on to something bigger than themselves, and they want to know where the ship is headed.
Trust your employees. You need to trust that people will make the right decisions and, worst case scenario, make mistakes. Creating an environment where mistakes are acceptable is absolutely crucial.
Most importantly, always remind people of the “why”. People will give even more effort of they know why they’re doing something, and this is often the difference between those who love and those who hate their jobs.

‌At we have unlimited vacation policy, but so far no one has taken more vacation than usual. We have beers in the fridge and organic fruit for snacks. There’s a climbing wall at the entrance. People can choose to work from home if they want. People are trusted to make independent business decisions and they are allowed to make mistakes. We call these “lessons learned” and have “fail parties” for when we make a big mistake – a chance to learn a bigger lesson! Everyone is equal and everyone is given responsibility and contributes to the company’s wellbeing. Everyone shares the mission and values, and these are a huge drive for employee motivation. Turnover rate is extremely low, no one wants to leave!

If you want a job you’ll love… work for a B Corp!

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