Work exchanges – part 2: meeting teams

A team of people from mondora recently tried out a work exchange with a TeamSystem partner company in Copenhagen. The exchange proved to be really interesting and useful to all, so we soon decided this should not be a one shot event, but something that could grow into an ecosystem of open and modern solution sharing. So just a few weeks later we took part in another exchange: this time a group of people from the TeamSystem office in Campobasso journeyed to our alpine location for a weekend visit.

Enjoying sunshine and beers

The group arrived on Friday and we met them in the office, where we immediately got to work sharing knowledge and ideas – some of the mondora team had been working remotely with the Campobasso team for the past months, and it was great to finally meet in person and have some time to discuss things!

As this was a weekend visit work discussions soon moved to a far more informal setting and were accompanied by recreational activities. When on a work exchange it’s important to share culture as well – so we moved from the office to the Centro del Bitto in Gerola Alta, where we were able to show the fruits of our project HireBitto and enjoy some cheese and wine tasting together.

We then went for a walk in the tiny village of Fenile and reached the restaurant where we had a great meal together and the Campobasso team were able to try out some local dishes such as pizzocheri. At dinner the discussion moved away from work topics and we were able to get to know each other better – and get ourselves an invite to Campobasso for the spring!

The next day we decided to show the team around and chose to walk to Lake Palù in Valmalenco, a beautiful mountain location. We had advised everyone to dress warmly and have good walking boots and the day worked out really well. The afternoon was then spent visiting wine cellars, in preparation for another traditional dinner, this time in Bianzone.

A walk in the woods

On Sunday the team was travelling back home, but there was still time for a visit to the beautiful town of Bellagio on Lake Como before leaving. And here’s what some of the team had to say about their experience:

I’ve learned that it’s great to move out of your comfort zone!


I’ve learned the importance of being able to make choices


I’ve strengthened my view that in life, and in work, we don’t improve by studying but by confrontation. I hope to have transmitted to others the knowledge that humans are curious and that curiosity must be satisfied… and the mondora team is great at this!


I’ve learned the importance of sharing community values, and I’ve discovered a relationship between man and mountain that I didn’t know about.


I’ve learned the importance of culture and of valuing one’s own land, there is nothing more beautiful.


I’ve learned that true strength lies in the courage to be different and unconventional. We should not choose well trodden paths, but seek out new ways that still need exploring. There is one mountain top, but there are many ways to get there and it’s the journey there that makes the difference. I’ve also finally been able to put a face to the nicknames on Slack! I leave a big THANK YOU to the mondora team for their hospitality, you made us feel at home!


The mondora team was also really happy about the visit and everyone had something to learn from our guests. Now we hope to continue these work exchanges as they are proving really rich and useful for everyone!

Happy teams work better!

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