Share our Break – a Benefit Project

One of the things we like to do in mondora is spend valuable time with our colleagues, not only whilst we are working on a project, but also when we are taking a break. One of the benefits we get from the company is that we always have delicious organic snacks available, and one of our favourite snacks is Officina della Terra’s corn crackers – made from biodynamic corn grown from seeds that have been passed down the same family for generations! Occasionally, especially on Fridays, we will also share a good bottle of wine together and here too the company provides excellent biodynamic wine that is produced locally.

Break times are great moments to relax, have a chat and share ideas. Having a snack or a good drink together makes these informal moments all the more enjoyable and valuable. We value these break times so much that we started thinking about how we could share them not only with our colleagues, but also with our customers. We spend  much time talking to our customers in formal settings, such as meetings and video conferences, but very little time enjoying breaks and chatting more informally together. As we cannot physically be present to share breaks with all our customers, we decided to create a way of “sending” a thoughtful break from us: Share our Break.


How does it work? Whenever we feel like it, we literally send a break to one of our customers: we package some of the corn crackers we eat in the office, or a bottle of wine, and post it! Our customer receives the package and enjoys a delicious and meaningful break. Our aim is to get all of our customers to also send and share a break with their customers, and so on. Why? Well, because we are a B Corp and we are creating benefit of course! Benefit to our customers and their customers, who can enjoy healthy organic food and wine, and benefit to the local farmers who produce our snacks and drinks. It’s a win-win situation in which mondora can do something nice for its customers, customers can eat healthily and participate in the project and farmers can tap into our network to help support their own small businesses.

Mondora is a software company that is based in Valtellina, a rural area in the Italian Alps. Since becoming a B Corp and later a registered Società Benefit or Benefit Corporation, the company has added to its statute an important section on creating benefit, which focuses primarily on the local small scale and organic agricultural workers, as these are people who are creating something valuable to the world, but who are struggling with their businesses – a lot of hard work and dedication for scant profits. The first paragraph in the company statute reads:

As a Benefit Corporation the company intends to pursue the principles of equality, fraternity and legality, in order to favour an ecosystem between nature, humans (especially in the personal sphere), shareholders, stakeholders and, more generally, the local community and all the parts that are influenced by the company’s activities in any way. Special attention is given to the production of benefit for the local agricultural community of Valtellina, to favour the evolution of the primary sector as an advantage for society.

These workers are very passionate about their farms and crops and work because they love the earth and nature, but they also need to support their families and so mondora has decided to focus part of its benefit creation on them.


Share our Break has just launched and for the moment we offer Officina della Terra’s corn crackers for purchase. Soon we will be adding the biodynamic wine (we just have to finish some packaging work first!), some delicious biscuits and various products from other local farmers such as Marcel Zanolari’s excellent wines and Azienda Agricola il Ghiro’s honeys and jams. We aim to offer a wide selection of organic or biodynamic, locally produced food and wine for everyone to buy and share!


If you would like to take part in this project simply visit our website and order some breaks. We will post them directly to your customers or colleagues with a personalised postcard from you! What are you waiting for? Be part of the change and Share our Break!


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