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When B Corps Meet

Forget formal traditional meetings, where CEOs and high standing managers get together for an expensive lunch and talk about how brilliant they all are. When two B Corps meet there is nothing formal, nothing traditional… it’s explosive.

Last Friday we received a visit from Davines, an Italian B Corp that makes fantastic hair salon products. The day was part of a week long training for some of their customer care team and the intention was for people to better understand what it means to be a B Corp.

Francesco Mondora explaining our pyramid structure with Benefit at the top and the CEO last

Rather than simply have a day of talks with mondora (with whoever wished to take part, not just the CEO!) we thought we would invite a few other local B Corps too… three more actually, which made for quite a special day! First of all, we bypassed our little office and met our guests at Campo Base, a very modern and well equipped structure financed by one of our customers in which we co-create benefit for the local community by offering various classes to students, as well as the use of a 3D printer and more.

At Campo Base we presented the company and talked about our self-organised and flat structure. We also mentioned our company welfare practices and discussed some of our benefit projects like Share Our Break, Cycle2Work and HireBitto. Luca, our farmer colleague, then brilliantly explained the connection between a software company and working the land. Finally, Ettore from B Corp Casa Vinicola Marcel Zanolari presented his views on being a B Corp and creating positive impact.

Francesco Mondora passionately talking about his company
Kirsten talking about company welfare
Luca Biscotti talking about farming, with Kirsten translating to English (we obviously have fun at work!)

The talks were of course very participative, with people asking questions and lots of laughs. They were followed by some practical examples: a tasting of corn crackers and wine from Share Our Break. The crackers are grown and made by B Corp Officina della Terra and the wine by Marcel Zanolari and his team. A wine and cracker tasting is always a great opportunity for networking and for connecting with our guests on a more personal level too. You can imagine the amount of innovative and change making discussions we were having in the room!

Tasting good wine from B Corp Marcel Zanolari
Davines and mondora before lunch at Albergo Pineta, Valgerola

We then went to the restaurant for lunch before visiting B Corp Valli del Bitto, where we keep our project HireBitto. Here we had a surprise for our guests: we offered them two wheels of cheese so that they could take part in our project and help us create benefit for the local farmers and ecosystem!

HireBitto – cheese decorating with blueberry ink
Davines joins HireBitto

The cheese was not simply given, but had to be decorated with blueberry ink, which proved to be a fun activity. Once everyone had taken part in HireBitto we moved to the tasting room for an aperitivo and signed the HireBitto certificate. We had also prepared a gift bag for our guests, which included a taste of each of our projects… and we received a similar gift bag each in return!

Signing the HireBitto certificate

The day proved to be a great success and both mondora and Davines were able to exchange ideas and learn from each other, as well as connecting with the other B Corps in Valtellina!



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