About me

Photo: anetteschive.com

Hello! My name is Kirsten and, together with the rest of the mondora team, I take care of all things Benefit at mondora.com: from Benefit Projects to Interdependence Agreements to Company Welfare and so on. I also spend time on Marketing and Communications, I teach English to my colleagues and help out on a few software projects by covering the role of Product Owner.

I spent most of my twenties travelling and living in different countries,and I have now come back to the Alps in Italy where it all started. I have lived and worked in the UK, Norway and Switzerland, and have returned home with a rich collection of experiences and lessons that only the years abroad could give me.

I’m a certified Norwegian ski instructor and coach and a qualified English teacher. I also have a horsemanship qualification and lots of experience working with horses. I obviously love skiing and horse riding, but I also enjoy hiking, photography and reading.

I never imagined I’d find myself working for a software company, but here I am, and it’s no traditional company either! mondora.com is B Corporation who inspires customers and stakeholders by incorporating the creation of positive impact in everything we do and by sharing our evolutionary purpose with the world.

So this blog is all about my life at mondora.com, but it’s not about software. It’s about creating benefit for people and for the Earth. It’s about collaborating with all stakeholders and making a difference together.  It’s about going against the tide of established work rules and creating a better world. Enjoy!

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