About Kirstjn

My name is Kirsten Jane and that’s where Kirstjn comes from. I live in a tiny village in the Italian Alps and I’m one of those lucky people who gets to work in an office – I wear nice clothes, drink coffee and don’t need to sweat to get my wages. I spent my share of time living abroad and following dreams, but I decided to come back home and enjoy the peaceful, breathtaking views, the deep blue lakes and snow-capped peaks I call home. Career opportunities are limited here and people are used to working long hours for low wages. It’s not always easy to practice mindfulness, follow productivity tips and create a dream workplace here and that’s why I want to dedicate this blog to sharing tips and tricks that actually work and can be useful in order to enjoy a very common, hard-working and sometimes overwhelming life. Not everyone can be a self-employed blogger or launch a start-up, in some countries it just won’t pay the bills and there’s no way to get started. So if you’re one of the many like me that still has a job, a boss and a hectic life, this blog is for you. And because I’m part English my philosophy is that life is a cup of tea and tea always solves everything!



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