How “unlimited holiday” policy has freed my mind and my work

Italy is a country of complex bureaucracy. Everything is measured and recorded on millions of paper forms, kept for years, sent to various offices, stamped, sent back...a right mess! So when's CEO looked into changing the company's holiday policy it seemed impossible. As always when confronted with an impossibility, he found a way around …

Leave Homework to Children and Home Work to Adults

This is a post written about me by the CEO of I thought it would make a great first post for my personal blog! At mondora, Kirsten Ruffoni is working as communication facilitator and coach between people internally and externally. She’s really passionate and she loves giving her expertise and knowledge in digital communication. Travelling to the head office takes her about 40 minutes of driving down mountain roads, so we decided to open a home office for her. The approach is quite similar to, so Kirsten can work from home when she feels it is right to stay there, and she comes to the main office when it’s required (for physical meetings, brainstorming, etc.)