Why Tea?

Being English, I believe a cup of tea solves everything. You drink one with your friends when you’re happy, with your mother when you’ve had a bad day. You drink a cup of tea to warm you up when it’s cold outside, but also to cool you down when you’re seething with strong emotions inside. You can enjoy the taste and the warmth of tea whenever you like, but only if you are truly present in that moment. If you are somewhere else, your cup will be empty and you’ll wonder where all that tea has gone. In the same way it is important to be mindful of every moment of every day, to live fully, to give your attention to what is happening around you and inside you. In this way you are able to observe, to act, and to make change happen. Otherwise you are just being dragged by the circumstances and not managing to change or improve anything, no matter how hard you try.

As you may have guessed, this blog is about being mindful, being productive and making small improvements to life in the real world of common people, where your alarm goes off at 6 am and you have a long commute each day. Where you’re out of the house for twelve hours just for work and still try to fit family, pets, sports and hobbies around this. For most of us the dream job is just not realistically possible, so why not focus on improving our current work environment and conditions and enjoying what we have? How can we make our overwhelming lives that little bit easier? How can we enjoy our days as they come and not just watch them race by and feel exhausted? How can we improve our workplace so that others may benefit from the small changes too? This is what my blog is about – real life. And cups of tea of course.

Some of the posts you will read here also appear on bcalmbcorp.com, the blog of the software company I work for, mondora, a certified B Corporation. Here I will also add some more personal reflections around work life and how we can make small changes that benefit us and the people around us. I wish this to be my small contribution to changing the workplace and people’s relationship with a hard working life. 

Please don’t expect to read new posts regularly, I gave up planning and scheduling long ago. I only write when I have something to say and don’t have any kind of strategy, or goal for which I am writing. This blog is an expression of freedom, of letting go, of embracing what comes, so it would be counterintuitive to plan what to write and when in advance!