Why Tea?

There are plenty of blogs and youtube channels that teach you to live a more meaningful life, be mindful, be more productive, be successful, you name it. Often these people who share their wisdom are people who do it for a living. Most are young full time bloggers and youtubers who are able to spend their days doing just that and don’t have to fit their success tips around a more “normal” life where commuting and work take up most daylight hours. Not to mention fitting family life and everything else around this. The bottom line of their teachings always seems to be “become like me and you will have plenty of time to do what you love in your life”. But not everyone can or wants to be a youtuber and let’s face it, will such a career that you passionately built in your twenties still be your dream life in your sixties?

So my blog is going to be about being mindful, being productive and making small improvements to your life in the real world of common people, where your alarm goes off at 6 am and you have a long commute each day, where you’re out of the house twelve hours a day just for work and still try to fit family, pets, sports and hobbies around this. For most of us the dream job is just not realistically possible, so why not focus on improving our current work environment and conditions and enjoying what we have? How can we make our overwhelming lives that little bit easier? How can we enjoy our days as they come and not just watch them race by and feel exhausted? This is what my blog is about – real life. And cups of tea of course.


Note: I have left all previous posts for the moment, as I’m trying to figure out which ones will relocate to B Calm B Corp only and which will stay here. New posts coming soon!